Laconian Legacy


is who I am

I was named Metaxia. In Greek, this means “silky”. Typical Spartan humor: nothing about Laconia is “silk and smooth”. Not even close!

Born and raised here, lucky to grow up in this land and in this unspoiled nature, I have it in my DNA.

After College, I worked in multinationals for many years. I made a career there, worth mentioning. Great school, I must say. But, you know how it goes: “what goes around, comes around”. Αnd the Spartan land was calling. Its legacy was alive in me. In a quiet, silent way: even I didn’t realize it, until it became inevitable.

I don’t know King Leonidas, in person, I admit it. But I was fortuned enough to know quite a few Spartan heroes, since I was a kid. Common people fighting every day in the fields. In the groves. Building a future for their loved ones. Holding their lives in their strong hands. People in touch with their legacy. Proud men and women, who know exactly who they are and where they are heading. Rough, like the Spartan soil. And at the same time, optimistic like the internal mountain breeze of Taygetos mountain. People like my father. Like I hope to became one day. Raw models for my children.

I’ve been around them and around olive trees, as long as I can remember. And its unique juice, Spartan olive oil. Nowadays, scientists confirm what a super food this is. How much it contributes to health and well-being, because of their polyphenols and all. They almost command its everyday use, for a better, longer life.

A truth well told, no doubt. But a common knowledge to us, here. For centuries. Since ever. I decide to make a living out of what this tough, breathtaking land gives birth. To be an ambassador of our simple, delicious cuisine and our fine products. Proud as a Spartan woman, I present to you my Laconian Legacy. It’s the food my family eats, everyday. I hope it will be in your table, one day. After all, it’s the easier, tastier way to become a Spartan too. Enjoy!

Our Promise
 Our vision,
our mission and
 a Laconian promise to you

Our vision is to deliver the natural treasures of the Laconian land, to your table every day, for you to savor. And to enjoy a tasteful, healthy and long life. For you and the ones you love. Our mission is to introduce you to the Laconian diet, a true Mediterranean diet. Simple but so rich in nutritional values. Healthy, yet full of taste and aromas. And to always provide only the very best under our “Laconian Legacy” signature. This is our promise to you. This is something you can rely on.

Because, as History suggests, we the Laconians, always keep our promises. From King Leonidas’ times, till this very day!

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil Polyphenols
 live longer, better
and healthier!

A proven, highly effective functional super food for optimum health, vitality and longevity.

Modern science identified today, what Hippocrates suggested 2,000 years ago. Oleocanthal and Oleacein are health protective and effective in the prevention and treatment of many of today’s chronic illnesses, including heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Type II Diabetes and cancer. And they can be found only in olive oil!

For many years all over the world, from the U.S. and the U.C. Davis Institute to the Universities in Greece and Spain, just to name a few, researchers and scientists thoroughly examine the health benefits of special extra virgin olive oils, high in phenolic compounds, Oleocanthal and Oleacein in particular.

And this research has proven beyond any doubt the exceptional nutritional values and extraordinary anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, of this ancient but yet brand new functional super food.

On its Health Regulation 432-2012, the European Union states that “the Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”. With this act, the E.U. practically approves and certifies a brand new olive oil category, the “High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oils”, Rewarding those rare extra virgin olive oils that contains 5mg per 20 gm or more of polyphenols. “Laconian Legacy” is one of the few olive oils in this new category!

Laconia, our land
“Laconian Legacy”.
 100% pure Laconian
 100% pure Greece!

Premium Quality extra virgin olive oil products from King Leonidas’ home land!

Laconia, Greece. Home land of the Spartans. Where everything was simple and concise, yet full of meaning and effective. It remains so, even today. From the way we speak to what we do and eat. From our Laconic phrases to our fresh olive juice.

A brave, rare piece of land where the coastline hugs the blue sea and its sharp capes dive into the very heart of the Mediterranean. Here, at Vatika Village, among centuries-old ruins, near an underwater ancient city, under snow-covered protective mountains, we cultivate traditionally our olive groves. Proudly producing the renowned Laconian extra virgin olive oil!

Olive oil is in our DNA, a part of our everyday life, our past and our future. A part of our culture. Generation after generation, since the glorious times of ancient Sparta. This is our legacy. Our “Laconian Legacy”.

Our precious olive oil, produced by cold-pressed hand-picked olives is protected for its uniqueness by the European Union (certified P.G.I.). Aromatic and delicious, has a truly rare feature: it holds a “Health Claim” because of its high polyphenols concentration and its natural antioxidants. Every drop of our olive oil protects your health and gives you longevity and well-being.