Producer Story:
«I am 33 years old and have been doing this job for 11 years» «I started from the family lands, the ones that my grandfather cultivated, but he didn't have a real company. When he left I took the initiative: I was born in the countryside and I always liked the idea of ​​trying to get something out of the earth. "

That passion has become a job: today I own 20 hectares of land. The main production is that of organic extra virgin olive oil: "I have had a particular attraction for the olive tree since I was a child". "After all, I was born surrounded by these plants, I have them in my blood. Being my great passion, it is also the one in which I have invested the most, and in fact recently I have also acquired a company oil mill, with the aim of creating a product always of superior quality ".


“Le Fontacce”, a typical Tuscan farm surrounded by olive trees, is situated on the hills at the slopes of the Pratomagno mountain. The farm is reachable driving along the Seven Bridges Road, the ancient Etruscan Cassia Vetus, from which we can admire an enchanting view on the Arno Valley.

The valley which is in front of the Chianti hills, is characterized by the presence of the prehistorical Cliffs, known as “Balze”.

Our company“Le Fontacce” was founded in 2008 from an existing farm which was built in XIX Century; its products are all organic and certified.

We cultivate olive trees, legumes and iris, with passion and respect for our traditions.

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Our 2020 Evo Bio Oil is ready for sale !! It is available in three types of Variety and in six different sizes of bottles and cans!

34 via sette ponti ponente
Loro Ciuffenna, Toscane,
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