From the passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil our award-winning Macchia Verde Bio oils

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia by Frantoio Macchia Verde Bio is a product of excellence, which we have chosen to sell directly from the producer to the consumer , without intermediate steps. We want to convey to our customers all the passion and love for such a genuine and intimately Italian product . Macchia Verde Bio oils originate from olive groves located between the upper Murgia and the coast, in an area that has always been dedicated to the production and sale of Extra Virgin Olive Oil .



the best oil comes from the use of artisanal methods


… The processing. Quality doesn't come out of magic. Our olive oil is one of the best in the world, only because we know and respect all the rules of processing and apply the craftsmanship, the result of our family tradition. In production we follow the rule dictated by our grandfather:

"Collect only as much as you can work in a day"

On the day of the harvest, the harvested olives are taken to the mill, cleaned, washed and pressed. The oil thus obtained is immediately transferred into stainless steel tanks to the exclusion of oxygen. This is the only way to keep the organoleptic characteristics of our oil unchanged.

“ if you want quality you have to provide it yourself! "

Many small producers of extra virgin olive oil have a problem: they have to bring their olive harvest to an external oil mill for extraction!

At that moment they lose control over the production of their product. You can be lucky and have a partner who controls your system and keeps it in good condition. But in most cases, things are different. When harvest time comes, many growers show up at the oil mill with their harvest at the same time, and queues are formed after a very short time. The olives, which should be processed immediately, undergo periods of stoppage longer than they should and begin to ferment. The operators of the mill, forced to work under stress, are no longer able to take care of the details of the production. In this situation, with the machines running at full capacity, maintenance, cleaning and above all temperature control are completely neglected.

These and many other reasons motivated us to invest in our own oil mill, because this was the only way to control the production process in every detail.

From this moment on we managed to achieve the best, starting with our basic product: olives. Our processing plant is one of the most modern in the field of oil technology (“Toscana Enologica Mori”) and is used only by other leading producers. The hermetically closed production system gives us the opportunity to work, starting from the process of separating the leaves and washing the olives, with a process that a priori excludes the oxidation of the olive pulp. The temperature is constantly under control and is always below any maximum standard (27 °). After the filtering phase the olive oil has its first contact with oxygen, but only to be decanted into hermetic stainless steel tanks and excluding oxygen. The last process is bottling,

The extraction process

State-of-the-art oil production

It is important that the olives do not rest too long before being ground. After harvesting, the olive continues its vegetative cellular life, continuing to live for a few dozen hours (depending on the climatic conditions) after which the quality of the product begins to decline immediately. This is why our olives are processed within 10/24 hours (depending on the type of oil). After having cleaned excess leaves and branches, the olives are washed in running water and are pressed with blades, avoiding the increase in temperature and pulverization of the stone. Land olives are transformed into pulp and then passed into a refrigeration pipe, which lowers the temperature, before reaching the kneaders. During the kneading, the pasta is kneaded for about 10 / 15min in the absence of oxygen and at low temperatures. The whole process takes place with the exclusion of oxygen to preserve antioxidants and polyphenols. The biggest enemy in oil processing is oxidation. To avoid it, a completely closed processing line is essential, which is the only way to preserve the levels of the most precious substances of our olives.

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