Olearia Medda

Olearia Medda is a young company born from a passion for production Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Medda family. 

Deep roots in a territory dedicated to the production of quality olives that is combined with a deep, ancient and modern knowledge.

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art MORI-Tem plant, which uses a transformation process based on targeted quality control.

- Crushing with knives;
 - Heat exchanger capable of cooling/heating the olive paste;
 - inertized vertical kneading;
 - Separation of the olive paste from the oil through a two
-stage decanter;
 - 100% cellulose board filtration. 

The cleaning of the machines is automated and is the fundamental element to obtain a high quality product

prizes and awards

A young company that confirms its winning philosophy with a large number of national awards for its production.

The services offered by our oil mill

Batches of customized, tracked productions with analytical reports of the processing parameters Service dedicated to the production of high quality oils and customized pressing Squeezing guarantee within 12 hours of harvest Storage and bottling service for third parties Organic processing- ICEA certified company Environmental impact certification ISO 14001