Olearia San Giorgio

Farm since 1940

It continues to be inspired by its original corporate philosophy: innovation in tradition, care for relationships with customers and with the socio-economic environment in which it operates…


Olive oil: a family love Let's
 ennoble a millenary resource!

Brief hints of the company's history told by Mimmo Fazari, current company CEO.

"It was 1940 when grandfather Domenico Fazari comforted by the arms of his five children (uncle Vincenzo, Giorgio "who is my father", and the other uncles Giuseppe, Michele and Salvatore), rented an olive grove and a small oil mill already obsolete era.

Advancing in the years, grandfather Domenico begins to leave the reins to his sons who not only continue his work, but increase the company. As soon as I finish my high school studies, I too start working in the company; the early 90s - I was not even thirty years old - constituted the beginning of my managerial role as managing director. I strongly propose to my uncles and partners to focus on innovation and high quality production. They give me carte blanche, the innovation phase begins with the introduction of new olive clones, the first technologies, new production systems, the strategy that has quality as its objective and, subsequently, starting from the early 2000s, marketing outside the regional borders.

All the rest is today's history; 2010 was the 70th anniversary of the working life of our farm in the world of Calabrian olive growing. We are convinced that we have spent all these years profitably, with seriousness, commitment, dedication to work and foresight.

Today there are many, and not only in Italy, who acknowledge that we have worked well. The company covers more than 140 hectares with about 25,000 olive trees in land located in the Municipalities of San Giorgio Morgeto and Cittanova, known for their olive-growing vocation and forming part of the Aspromonte National Park. We employ 35 good and faithful workers and 5 close-knit operators from the administrative/commercial and logistic staff. We transform the olives in an efficient oil mill, store them in a modern department, ship them with punctual couriers, creating a certified production chain.

We want to be the jealous custodians of ancient traditions that uphold the cult of the true art of oil making, showing that we know how to combine the needs of entrepreneurship with those of quality and with respect for the principles of social relations and the humanism of work. We would like to be humble prophets of the regeneration of Calabrian olive growing”.


Altanum PGI

Our extra virgin olive oil, which bears the ancient name of San Giorgio Morgeto, has acquired the European brand which certifies its Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), reinforcing the deep bond between Olearia San Giorgio and this excellent oil with the Municipality of residence and production area.

Terre di San Mauro ORGANIC

This intense and fragrant extra virgin olive oil expresses nutritional and health properties that characterize the oils obtained following the dictates of organic farming. Terre di San Mauro has all the qualifications to boast the coveted BIO brand of the EU. The place where the olive trees from which it originates bear fruit is scenically enchanting.

Ottobratico SLOW FOOD Presidium

Another great certified product of Olearia San Giorgio, our extra virgin olive oil L'Ottobratico , single varietal, native, is now included in the prestigious list of Slow Food Presidia. A certification reserved for those particularly genuine and healthy agri-food products that represent a value to be monitored and safeguarded for both the environment and the local area.

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The Oils

The Aspromontane

Excellent aromatic notes and excellent organoleptic properties, an extra virgin olive oil obtained from Carolea and Ottobratica olives, which also expresses in the name the strong link with its territory.

The Aspromonte Chjanotu

A blend of Carolea, Ottobratica and Sinopolese olives, this variant of the classic Aspromontano is named after the Piana di Gioia Tauro (“chjanotu” translates as “pianigiano” in the local dialect).

The Octobratic

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from Ottobratica, an autochthonous variety of the province of Reggio Calabria which is widespread in the Gioia Tauro plain, is rich in vitamin E and is an excellent natural antioxidant.

Miku 1906

Named after the founder Domenico Fazari, known as "Micu" and born in "1906", this exceptional and fruity product represents for the company, more than an oil, a true piece of history.

Lands of San Mauro

A superfine extra virgin olive oil which, in addition to being intense and fragrant, is able to contain the best nutritional and health properties of organically produced oil.


High quality oil dedicated to the Reggio municipality of San Giorgio Morgeto, from which it follows the ancient name, it is a medium-light fruity blend, green in color with yellow reflections.