Oliveto Riva Jacur



A unique ecosystem

The Riva Jacur olive grove is located in the province of Treviso, in Collalto di Susegana, a hilly area rich in history and traditions, where niche agriculture is a decisive component of the local economy.

The olive grove is perched on a hill which slopes down between rocky cliffs and short terraces towards the Piave river, in front of Montello. Cultivated with vines since time immemorial, the hill was recovered for the cultivation of olive trees and vines after the destruction of the Great War and the abandonment of the following decades.

The steep terrain, exposed to the sun's rays for the whole day, is rich in native flora, medicinal plants and aromatic essences that characterize the flavor and aroma of the oil. An excellent DOCG Prosecco is also produced here, cultivated without the aid of invasive chemical agents ( Green Mark Protocol ), in order to have a high quality product, not to compromise the organic cultivation of the olive trees and to allow the beehives present on site to thrive in an environment as natural as possible.

The Riva Jacur Olive Grove gives a first pressing oil of great quality. An oil produced cold on the day of the olive harvest, which takes place by hand, without beating or shaking the plants.



Between castles and trenches

by Matteo Guidorizzi

The olive trees are found in a small, narrow valley which reaches the Piave from north to south, between the castles of Collalto and Susegana.

The hill on the east side is very bumpy, all wooded and wild, however on the west side the uncomfortable slopes still allow the cultivation of olive trees, while on the plateau above there are vineyards.

The soils are stony, sunny, burnt but equipped with an irrigation system.

Mrs Maria Rosa, Luciano's wife, accompanies us among the olive trees they planted and shows us the trenches occupied by the Austrians in the left Piave during the Great War, the emplacements, the entrance to a system of military tunnels on the mountain, talks to us of the many deaths that have occurred in these places.

To exorcise thoughts of death we are helped by the bees of the company hives that bring life among the first small calicanto flowers, among the rosemary bushes that are already blooming in this oasis of silence and peace.

And still symbols of peace are the 480 olive trees of frantoio, grignano, leccino, pendolino, maurino and leccio del corno, clinging to the well-ventilated crags where – in 15 years – it has never been necessary to treat against the oil fly.

This is one of the very rare places in Veneto where there was a decent harvest in 2021, a year of alternating production, spring frost and drought.

For pressing we rely on a modern Pieralisi from the nearby Tapa Olearia Cooperative, all within two hours of harvesting.

Riva Jacur has a herbaceous, dandelion scent, with light citrus notes of limoncella, a strong bitterness (record for polyphenol antioxidants at 575 mg/kg) and a pleasant and persistent pungency.



A balanced mix of aromas and scents

The “Oliveto Riva Jacur” oil is produced from olives of the Grignano, Leccino, Tondo di Villa, Maurino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino and Ascolana cultivars.

It is a high quality first pressing oil, cold produced on the day of the olive harvest, which takes place by hand, without beating or mechanical shaking of the plants.

A balanced mix of olives that identify the Riva Jacur olive grove oil as an original product, which fully enhances the typical characteristics of the territory of origin, making explicit the aromas and scents deriving from the many medicinal essences present on the lean and well-exposed ridge to the sun .

With low acidity, dietetically balanced, the “Oliveto Riva Jacur” oil denotes on the nose hints of green fruitiness of the medicinal essences present in the olive grove. The taste has a slight pinch, due to the richness of polyphenols, and a bitter scent whose persistence qualifies the product.