Oro Bailén


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With the manufacture of bricks as their main activity, the GÁLvez - GONzález family decided back in 2002 that, as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil market was, there was a glimpse of a small gap through which to develop a new line of oil production of the highest quality, where not only would the idea of ​​a different product fit, but also a new way of understanding this olive juice that for so many centuries has been part of Mediterranean culture and a hallmark of our culinary activity.
 With these premises, it is how they undertake a new and exciting project, in which, in addition to being olive oil producers (harvesters), they would integrate the different phases of the production process that would help them reach  finally the consumer, from the producer to the bottler and the marketer, guaranteeing perfect traceability throughout the process, which begins from the formation of the fruit in the field and ends with the sale of the final product and transmission of the new philosophy of extra virgin olive oil to the consumer.
 Despite our few years of existence as olive oil producers, it is already the third generation that today is still linked to the production of olive oil (harvesters), and it was in 1999 when the GÁLvez GONzález family acquires its two olive grove farms, "La Casa del Agua" and "Los Juncales", the first a farm called countryside and where the oil mill is located at the foot of the motorway (A4) and the second; a farm in the mountains (Sierra Morena).
 In this way GALGÓN 99, SL was born in 2005 as a producer, packer and marketer of extra virgin olive oil, from the olives produced in the family's own olive groves. Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar has product certification according to SGS.

The farms

Both Los Juncales and La Casa del Agua are farms whose plantation obeys a traditional framework, that is, a 10 meter x 10 meter framework, in which each olive tree is actually 3 plants together.
 Nuestros olivares son de regadío en el 100% de las explotaciones, por lo que garantiza y conseguimos una regularidad espectacular tanto en la cosecha como en la calidad de la misma.
 Respect for the environment is an agronomic aspect that Galgón 99, SL has been betting on since its inception, even without practicing organic farming, our agricultural policy is aimed at integrated production, such as: the use of pruning residues as organic fertilizer, maintenance of the vegetal cover in the middle of the litters, thus reducing erosion and facilitating the permeability of the land, and also avoiding the irrational use of herbicides, thus facilitating the micro-habitat of hunting species, for which We have an external department, made up of biologists and agricultural engineers who are in charge of the entire management process of the farms, analysis of leaves, land, pest control, fertigation plans, until the completion of the olive maturity index.
,so that truly objective decisions can be made from management. Both farms are equipped with the latest technologies and automation, to carry out certain work activities such as irrigation by sectors, taking into account the type of terrain that composes it, to apply more or fewer hours depending on the permeability of the terrain, the slopes, etc., as well as the fertilizer system that is carried out through the irrigation system (fertigation), so that the fertilizer compound is dissolved with the water so that it is absorbed by the plant in an optimal and effective way.
 For Galgón 99, SL the authentic oil factory is our olive groves, since these are the ones that are going to offer us that fruit where the juice is housed inside, which we will later obtain in a totally natural way and without any manipulation at the time of its obtaining, that is to say without the mediation of chemistry or the need to use some transformation process because as the juice it is, the only thing that we will do in the oil mill is its extraction, as if it were an orange juice.

our oils

All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the Oro Bailén brands comes from our olive groves, so traceability and food safety is guaranteed. Oro Bailén is bottled every month and according to demand so that the oil is always preserved in its inerted tanks, thus avoiding any type of oxidation. Thanks to our geographical location, the foothills of the Sierra Morena, our 100% picual variety oils achieve unique and peculiar fruity and aromatic notes, which give them a very marked personality, but without a doubt the most remarkable thing is their harmony, a perfect conjunction between fruity, bitter and spicy.