Priordei oils are recognized among the best in the world and are included in some of the most prestigious guides in the international arena.

Priordei has obtained several awards and recognitions at a global level, both for the quality of our oils and for the capacity for innovation in the olive field.

Olive Japan International Competition

The infused condiment made with Priordei extra virgin olive oil and white truffle won the 2015 Olive Japan International Competition . This is the most important competition event in the Asia and Oceania region and is considered the highest quality in the world. .


Priordei's extra virgin olive oil, especially aimed at children Priordei Kids, won international recognition in 2012 for Best newcomer brand or business: Highly Commended at the Gulfood fair held in the Arab Emirates. Gulfood is the largest trade fair held in the Middle East dedicated to the food and hospitality industry, the event takes place at the Dubai International Conventions and Exhibitions Centre.

In Catalonia we are also supported by numerous awards

In Catalonia, we have also won numerous prizes at specialized fairs and competitions everywhere, the latest at the Móra la Nova Interregional Oil Fair and the Terres de l'Ebre Oil Tasting Competition.

Our company has also been distinguished for business practices. In 2019, the General Directorate of Linguistic Policy of the Generalitat awarded us the Pime Award for linguistic quality in the business world, which is awarded annually to the Catalan company that has most integrated Catalan into its own culture as a competitive difference more than the business or business activity.

Priordei is the name of the brand of extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia that comes from the depths of the land of the Serra de Montsant Natural Park, in the Priorat region. An oil of a unique, excellent quality. Made with olives born in a unique environment of peace, where the olive trees age peacefully, away from any environmental, sound or light pollution. A space of particular beauty

Our olive groves spill over cliffs, ravines and gorges. They are the reflection of an almost heroic work of the earth, which starts in 1789. Priordei is the result of a collective effort of ten generations that has crossed the border of time lines to leave a legacy to the country and the last born of the family line

A small miracle, born of the effort, work and illusions of the family

Perhaps because it was born in a revolutionary period, in 1789, Priordei has a spirit of innovation, improvement and permanent self-demand. We work together with chefs who have obtained the highest international recognition by giving life to new dishes. With prestigious confectioners creating unique sweets. With agro-food producers who use our oil to enhance the taste of their products.

The family works to find new formulas to bring our oil closer to consumers. The commitment to innovation in the olive field is focused on collaboration agreements with other high-reputation brands. Together, we seek to enhance the flavor of existing products or create new ones

At Priordei we like to work with the best restaurateurs of Catalan cuisine. We are present in the kitchens of eight of the best chefs in the country. We contribute to enriching their dishes and listen to their advice and opinions, in a process of continuous improvement on both sides.

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The Priorat de l'Oli

The Serra del Montsant Natural Park is the heart of the Priorat region. The mountain literally splits into two The Priorat of Wine and The Priorat of Oil, which tells us of a fertile territory rich in experiences pleasing to the senses and gastronomy. Our natural heritage is completed by an important architectural heritage, closely linked to the religious development of the Carthusian Church of Scala Dei, located at the edge of the protected natural area, the first monastery of the Order of Sant Bru established in the entire Iberian Peninsula . The Charterhouse was a tool for repopulating the territory after the Saracen occupation ended, at the same time serving as a space of spiritual rest, where silence and recollection temper the heart and mind. Priordei leads a project that aims to combine the wine tradition with that which emanates from the fruit of the olive trees. A Priory with two sides that coexist in perfect harmony and feed each other. We want to turn this point in the southern counties into an international reference for gastronomy and organic farming, and promote the culture of oil, the center of Mediterranean culture.

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Oil experiences

The Serralada del Montsant is the land of climbers due to its steep terrain. The natural park is the heart of the Priorat, a region where thousands of people head there every year to live an ecotourism experience in the area known as the Priorat del Vi.

From Priordei we promote a rural development project that guarantees the continuity of olive cultivation, and that offers prospects for personal and social development to the inhabitants of the region.

A first step in this project is to familiarize the citizens of our country and those around the world with the culture of oil. That's why we offer experiences to live in small groups or for a maximum of 20 people.