Grottastella DOP and ORGANIC in conversion is ideal for dishes such as rocket salad, pumpkin soup, bruschetta with homemade bread, vegetables, red meats, roasted aged cheeses. Grottastella Monocultivar Biancolilla in purity is ideal for haute patisserie products .

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 A unique flavour, of high quality and aimed at enhancing the area. Grottastella is the cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil obtained only from olives of the Biancolilla variety harvested on the lands of the Tenuta Salinella farm during the last oil campaign. The privileged use of this variety makes it possible to obtain an extremely fragrant oil with a surprising medium fruity taste.

Who we are

 That of Ribera is the story of a territory between sea and land, a place where the peasant world has settled in charming villages, a place where the sun from the jagged horizon of olive trees then plunges into the clear Mediterranean.

A landscape made up of extraordinary beauties of art, colours, the charm of a blue sea and its light breeze that blows over the green hills that smell of orange blossom and jasmine. In this territory the GROTTASTELLA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born, monocultivar quality Biancolilla in purity. The Tenuta Salinella farm guarantees the utmost care from the cultivation of its olive groves to the harvesting and bottling and conservation. Grottastella: born from the Sicilian sun.