The Company

The company was founded in 2013 and is located in the semi-mountainous, filled with olive groves, area of Pylos, in the picturesque village of Papoulia, a village with a long history following the history of Messinia and of the wider area of Pylia, since, in the Ancient Times, it was part of Nestor’s kingdom, ancient Pylos.

Our Philosophy

The passion for extra virgin olive oil and table olives, combined with the desire to secure a high and consistent quality of products, has led to the creation of a fully vertically integrated bioclimatic unit, with absolute respect for and in harmony with the environment, in an area of ​​5.000 square meters. This unit is where one of the most modern and innovative olive mills operates. Under new management since the beginning of 2020, the vision for the production and distribution of exceptional quality products is strengthened, and so is the passion for Greek olive oil and olives, that constitute an integral part of the world-famous Mediterranean diet.

The Olive Groves

Surrounded by olive trees, the production unit of the company is located at the top of a hill near the village of Papoulia, at an altitude of 350 meters, just 10 kilometers from the shores of the Ionian Sea in the greater Messinia region. The area has been known for growing olives for hundreds of years, while the variety of olive trees “Koroneiki” produces a select olive variety, used to produce one of the most exceptional olive oils in the Mediterranean.

At AGRO.POLY, the families of our olive producers cultivate the olive groves from generation to generation, using the same traditional methods, in combination with modern practices that ensure that the olive oil will possess the best organoleptic characteristics, flavors and aromas. In a rich physical relief with excellent climatic conditions, modern knowledge combined with tradition make the cultivation of olives a personal affair to every family of producers.

The Olive Mill

In our facilities there is an exemplary olive mill, equipped with the latest technology machines. Having secured the correct harvest of the olive fruit, in terms of its level of ripeness and healthy state, the olives are driven into small perforated tanks within 3 hours in the mill.