Gold Award - Al Oleo

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Tradition and Quality of Spanish Premium Olive Oil

Spain, with its history-rich landscapes and lush olive grove, is at the heart of olive oil culture. This Premium olive oil is the product of this rich tradition, inherited from generations of dedicated olive farmers who exploit an ideal climate and terroir to cultivate the highest quality olives.

In 2024, this Olive oil was subjected to the scrutiny of the world's most prestigious juries, earning it a score between 70 and 79 out of 100. This score illustrates its excellence and has earned it a gold medal, officially recognizing it as Premium Olive Oil. This distinction highlights its superior quality, making it a favored choice for olive oil enthusiasts.

At Best Olive Oils Store, we are proud to offer this Premium olive oil, which will soon be available in the most beautiful capitals around the world. You can find it in our exclusive boutiques as well as on our website. Each purchase is an invitation to discover Spain's excellence and to enrich your culinary experiences with high-quality olive oil.

To learn more about this exceptional olive oil and to discover how it can transform your meals, continue your visit on This page and dive into a world of authentic and refined flavors.

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We are one of the best olive oils in the world

We have been awarded by the Global Olive Oil Award as one of the best olive oils in the world for 2022.

We are pleased to announce that we have won the gold medal for high polyphenol content with 538 mg/kg, the bronze medal for quality with 0.3% acidity, and 3 stars for the best design and packaging.

From the beautifully scenic south of Andalusia, Málaga, we want to bring you the exquisite pleasure of a fruit treated with love and expertise: the liquid gold of the Sierra de las Nieves, pure purity. In 1995, this area, which has been functioning as a national park since 2021, was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


Our olive trees grow in the lower part of the Sierra de las Nieves, which, due to its climatic conditions, offers optimal conditions for the cultivation of native olives. The quality of the oil fruit is significantly dependent on the climate, just like the production adapted to the summer drought for centuries. In the rainy season from autumn to spring, between 700 and 1800 mm of precipitation falls per year, ensuring perfectly balanced growth conditions for the flowering of the best olives of the south each year.

Families of Olive Oil

The path to victorious delight is a constant learning process. The versatility of our oil range invites the discerning enthusiast to enter and explore this wonderful world.


Our Story

Al’Oleo is the heartfelt project of two young entrepreneurs whose roots run deep in the land of liquid gold. Their passion for good food and the challenges of globalization, which make it difficult to find high-quality delicacies thousands of kilometers away, inspired the desire to bring unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, directly from trees over a hundred years old, to your table.

Having enjoyed gourmet olive oil every day for many years, a tradition in our family, we are now embarking on the adventure of sharing this treasure with you. We want to extend the same love to you that this great ally brings to every meal of the day. We are proud of every single detail that goes into the production of our oil—from cultivation to the final touch on the finished bottle:


The harvest is carried out with utmost care and precision at the optimal stage of ripeness, taking into account the climate and various factors that affect an olive grove. The handpicked selection of olives is based on their shape, size, and color: their ideal ripeness is indicated by a colorful coat of light green and violet, also known as "envero." This high standard results in a limited yield with each harvest cycle.


Some people kiss frogs when they are looking for a prince... For us, the motto was similar. Dozens of attempts were necessary, but then we finally found it: The bottle that stands out from all other bottles—not because we just wanted to be different, but because this precious oil deserves no less. A bottle as pleasant and enjoyable in its pour as it elegantly and stylishly presents its valuable contents.


The care and mindfulness with which we chose the right bottle also flowed into the shock-resistant packaging of the bottle, which is intended for its delivery to you. This ensures that your olive oil arrives in excellent condition and without damage—all while using the most ecologically responsible packaging materials available to us.


To guarantee an extremely high quality, akin to that of a freshly pressed olive, we operate according to the Just-In-Time principle. This means that filling is done according to demand. This allows us to store the oil in special canisters most of the time after pressing. These storage containers protect the precious olive oil from oxidation, light, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring that the contained polyphenols are preserved as best as possible. These naturally occurring aromatic compounds are the key to a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil: they influence the sensory perception of taste and pungency. At the same time, polyphenols protect the oil from oxidation and maintain its valuable properties. Thanks to our work system, we can ensure a manual harvest where only the very best olives are harvested during the "Envero" ripeness phase, using a strict hygienic control process, and processed with a maximum waiting time of 3 hours from harvest to pressing. This preserves the original properties of our raw material, which in turn ensures a high content of polyphenols. We would like to show you the advantages of our olives, because ultimately, everything depends on which olive is selected for oil extraction.