Chris & Olive


Only quality counts

An exceptional olive oil produced in limited quantities.
No objective of yield,
only quality counts.
We are here to extract
our nectar in the most beautiful
way possible.

Our history, our values

Two brothers offering you the best of Greece.
At Chris & Olive, we are driven by the love of our land and our origins. The cradle is the family estate, the Peloponnese Garden of Eden, near Kalamata, where our thousand-year-old olive trees and their companions, the fig and pomegranate trees, peacefully reign.

Land and knowledge

Our olive oil is the product of our family garden. Blending tradition and innovation, we tell a story full of know-how acquired gesture after gesture from our elders and fellow producers... and not only of olive oil. Our juice has been awarded several times as a guarantee of exceptional quality. Most recently, gold at the international competition in London, silver at the competition in Los Angeles. We participate in these competitions more for the game than for the stake. Happiness is found in what we master, that is to say our way of being what we are. For everything else "letting go" leads us to our destiny.

Purity & Refinement

According to our principles, each Koroneiki olive is hand-picked. There is not a breath of pesticide on the estate... Our trees know the wind, the sun and the rain. Our good farming sense guides us in a respectful approach of our environment. Here, zero waste is imposed by pure logic. The pomace from the mixers is recovered at the end of the pressing process and will be reused in cosmetics. An authentic know-how for an olive oil as Athena wished it to be, this precious nectar bears the signature of our values. A controlled ardor, and the level of bitterness that we like so much, in fresh olive oil. Depending on our harvest dates, the aromas unfold, between freshly cut grass, arugula, sweet almond and even banana. You have in your hands a concentrate of the essentia according to Chris&Olive!

High Quality & Simplicity

Authenticity, sincerity, humility and high quality. Values that reflect our way of being in the world and of producing our nectar. Simply because we are like that, just like our oil; a pure fruit juice, nothing more and nothing less. For us, true luxury is found in this simplicity and authentic gesture. Here, everything is done by passionate hands. Harvested with the sweat of our brow, the strength of our arms, and the courage of our hearts. Dear friends, welcome to our world.

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