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Philosophy Of Elea - Psaroudakis

In order to create a great product, you must first get to know it, be familiar with, love and respect it.So, if you want to produce a fine olive oil, you firstly have to know it’s particularities, it’s value and every single stage of it’s life.You have to know the land that grew the olive tree, the conditions that it went through growing, the way that the producer collected the olives, the way elision is made at the oil mill and every single stage of transfer until the olive oil comes to our hands to be bottled.

This is our philosophy.Our philosophy regarding to olive trees and olive oil, the product we love and through the course and our life-time experience learned it’s every single element and particularity.We know well the land we produce our olive oil.The rich and fertile Cretan land and it’s climatic conditions; mild, moist Mediterranean climate, the terrain morphology; soil that keeps the moist and components, the land that alternates a landscape of mountains and sea. That is the land in which is mostly cultivated the so-called ” Koroneiki” genre of olive tree, which produce a fruity and flavoured olive oil with high nutritional value for men.We are also familiar with the people who deal with the olive cultivation.We are in constant collaboration with the producers that cultivate the olive trees and produce the olive “fruit” as well as with the olive mills that will produce the olive oil which is produced with our company’s stuff and scientific associator guidance.In such way, we end up with a product which is fine and safe for consumers health.

The care and traceability of our company starts in the base of production and continues up to the selling moment.Our goal, throughout this effort, knowledge and care, is to introduce our product to the consumers all around the globe and using our fine quality that we offer, convince them to include it in a daily basis on their diet, as a lifestyle.Knowing the endless nutritional and curing capacities of pure olive oil, we commit that our company’s olive oil has all of it’s natural contents unalterable that makes it unique and special.

The natural elements of Mediterranean, Hellenic soil and our island, Cretan land with the mountain herbs aroma, citrus tree flavours and sea aura that encompass us.We bottled up all of these in a EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil bottle which we offer to the consumer and we invite you to taste and love it, rewarding our effort.

Our Story

Our family business was founded in 1950, starting with a small store at the center of Chania city, which covered the selling of olive oil needs for the olive oil producers of Chania.

In the next 60 years that followed, being guided and consulted by our perennial experience and having respect to the product and the producer, we managed to develop, establish and expand our business, distributing up to 5,000 tons of olive oil, annually, which we sell for standardization in Greece and the rest of Europe but it also can be bottled in our facilities.

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