Damajuana Olive

In the middle of the Natural Park
Cazorla, Segura and Villas
Our farm is located in the mountains of Jaén, surrounded by pine forests, in the largest protected natural area in Spain. A territory declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco and a special protection area for birds, thus forming part of the Natura 2000 network. In this privileged environment our olive trees are cultivated with the most demanding care to the environment that surrounds it.

 Mountain olive grove
 Our olive grove, defined as a "mountain olive grove", maintains its balance between the sustainability of the crop and the conservation of the natural heritage. The natural conditions of its territory, climate, soil, etc., are combined with a traditional cultivation system. A traditional cultivation system is added which allows us to obtain a fruity and aromatic oil, rich in oleic acid, polyphenols, provitamin A and a source of vitamin E. It also has the stability that comes from the picual olive, maintaining its organoleptic and sensory properties for longer.

Our AOVE of SIERRA is very healthy, stable, very resistant to rancidity, with a very intense flavour and a green colour typical of early harvest olives.

Four generations Legacy and history

Our oil is the legacy of more than four generations who have dedicated their lives to olive growing in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Villas. Since 1865, the history forged by our ancestors has remained intimately linked to the surroundings of the Natural Park, where the Guadalquivir from its source winds its way through the mountains and the silence of this virgin land full of life and richness.

OrInheritance Love and Passion for the olive grovevieto

The greatest heritage of our ancestors was buried here, where the olive grove that we have been taught to love over the centuries grows and which has become a fundamental part of us, in the very essence of the oil we grow today and which bears in the green of its colour the indelible imprint of the hope of our ancestors, who one day decided to give shape to their dreams around a mill that embraces the mountains of Estrecho de la Hoz.

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Single Colour
Sierra Green

The green of our oil is the reflection of the face of the Sierra in which the roots of the olive grove are lost. This is the colour of the dialogue between the mountains and the river, the colour that gives life to the fields and permeates the history of our traditions. The pulse of time is green in our land and that is why green is the treasure of all that we want to transmit with Damajuana.

Dama Juana is the memory of the oil of yesteryear.

Damajuana is the memory of the oil that was once marketed in this natural spot, where our ancestors used this traditional container - also used in the wine preservation industry - and which, together with the cantarás, was used to bottle and carry the liquid gold they obtained from working in the mill on mules along the mountain roads. It is also a tribute to the figure of women, a substantial part of the hard work in the olive grove, and, in particular, a tribute to the life of Juana Gómez, who was able to pass on to her heirs her love for the product of our land until the end of her days. It was her long hours at Venta Desideria, where the oil from the mill was sold, that built the precious legacy that we have received from her hands and that our grandparents have passed down to our days.

About Us
Who we are

Aceite Damajuana was conceived as the final project of one of the heirs of the 4th generation of the family that has been cultivating centenary olive trees on the slopes of the upper Guadalquivir River for years. The family company Hijos de Gabino Paco S.L. decided to make this project a reality by producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of superior category, firmly as a tribute to the founder of this company, D. Gabino Paco Gomez. Gabino Paco Gomez, son of Juana Gomez, heir to this estate and who in his youth worked in the Estrechos de la Hoz mill before its definitive closure in 1955. His love and dedication for the olive grove led him to create his company which after more than 50 years continues to work and help olive growers. From his anecdotes, love and dedication to maintain this area of the Sierra de Jaén where he was born and where the roots of his family grew, we have kept the love for this place and put more value if possible in the production of our AOVE as a tribute to all the past generations.