Esencia Andalusí

About us

Esencia Andalusí arises from a family business with more than 50 years of work in the production of olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil . We are in Spain, south of the Andalusian province of Jaén, with Sierra Nevada in the background.
Years ago we decided to apply this experience to other products with the essence of the south: table olives , olive pâtés , honey , artisan jams , vinegar and saffron .
Our essential objective is to "know how" and offer a range of high-quality flavors adapted to current customer preferences.
The passion and care with which we treat our products from their origin has opened the doors of the countries in which we are currently operating: Spain, Japan, Mexico, Peru, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Production process of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We begin the harvest of the olive , the fruit of the olive tree, in the months of November/December, depending on its degree of maturation . This process lasts until January February. We move the olives to the oil mill, where they are ground to obtain our liquid gold: olive oil . We pass the oil from the mill to the cellar . There we classify it in different stainless steel tanks, according to its origin, intensity of flavor or variety of olive. In these tanks decant naturally. In this way we can pack it without any type of filtering that could reduce its organoleptic characteristics (color, taste, smell and texture). During the time that the oil remains in the cellar, we carry out all the necessary tastings to select only the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that meets the quality and flavor parameters that we demand of our brand. The care of the olives in the field , the use of modern machinery in the mill , the large cellar and the sophisticated traceability system that we use, allow us to feel proud of the different olive oils that we offer harvest after harvest , and of our products. usually.

Varieties of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monovarietal Picual

It is the most important variety in the world, representing 20% ​​of the world olive grove and half of the Spanish olive grove. Andalusia is the region that produces this variety par excellence, and specifically Jaén, Córdoba and Granada are the Andalusian provinces where we find the most Picual olive groves.

It is characterized by being an oil with character and a great body . At sight it appears intense green; complex and peculiar on the nose, rich in elegant notes of rosemary, thyme and mint; and on the palate it is harmonic and fine, with rich tones of freshly cut grass and green leaves.

Monovarietal Pike

It is a variety limited to the west of the province of Granada. There are hardly any copies of these olive trees, most of them being centenarians.
It gives oils with unbeatable balance and sweetness, fresh and fruity.
At the beginning of November, when our olives are still in veraison, we select the olive trees that contain the best olives on our farms. These olives are ground the same day, and when cold they bring out the characteristic flavor and aroma of fresh fruit that you will enjoy when you open this piece of Esencia. This oil is unique and difficult to forget .

Coupage (Soft)

Our best native varieties have been chosen to obtain this great coupage. These are the Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Verdial de Granada and Carrasqueño varieties, grown mainly in the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada.
This wide range of varieties gives us a fantastic extra virgin olive oil, with the best of each variety, obtaining a smooth and delicate flavor , a fruity and balanced aroma , and an old gold color with sparkles of bottle green.