Olive Oil PERICA is made with a lots of entbusiasm and love.
Together with new technologies it is a guarantee for obtaining a top quality olive oil


Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil PERICA is a combination of five types of olives :

Oblice,Coratino,Frantoio,leccino i Pendolino .It is a rich with polyphenol-antioxidants that are good for our health. It has a lovely clear golden-yellow colour with a distinctly defined glow of green nuances, and the scent of olive fruit, freshly cut grass and green almonds . It is slightly viscose on the palette and it is harmoniously enriched with aromatic notes of rosemary and basil. Harmoniously piquant and bitter.

 We recommend it with bruschetta, green salad, roast veal, cheese…



The olives are harvested by hand. As such ,the fruit is kept whole and contributes to the extra virgin olive oil’s high level of quality 


 Upon harvesting,the olives are placed in open aired boxes and are transported the same day to be processed using the cold press method.Such oil keeps the harmony and power of nature . with this technology we get high quality extra virgin olive oil, and tasting it,you taste flavour of mediterranean, health, gastronomic pleasur


 The extra virgin olive oil is stored in special stainless steel barrels at room temperature in a darened room free of oxygen and other scents 


About us

In the north of Dalmatia, in the center of region Ravini Kotari, there are places Rastevic and Stankovci, where OPG Perica has olives. With the great respect and love toward olive, we tried to connect old and modern to create a unique product of undisputed quality. The main idea behind our production is to guarantee the extra virgin olive oil of top quality at any time

Our olive grove has several varieties of olives from which we make several types of olive oil : oblica, leccino, pendolino, frantoio 

Peaceful landscapes, sun, lavender and immortelle (Helichrysum arenarium) , ecological values, contribute to the creation of our premium oil produced from our plantations.

For the perica family, olive growing represents a lasting challenge with the goal of achieving absolute quality.

The olive tree is a mediterranean plant who needs lots of sun and air. This is essential for optimal results and so we decided to use the polyconic vase cultivation method. This is demanding cultivation methos , but accomplished excellent results and a unique quality of olive oil