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Olive Wood Bottle : Olive tree roots Design

Olive Wood Bottle: Tree Hallow Design

Tree Bark Gift Box

Handmade Olive wood Gift box

Olive wood Bottle Without content - Olive drop Design - 

Olive wood Bottle Without Content - Roots Design - 

Olive Wood Bottle : Tree Hallow Design

Olive Wood Bottle: Tree Hallow Design

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About Us

Our Inspiration:
The Greek land. Our source of inspiration. It is home to over 1700 endemic plants, with its main symbol the olive tree. It has been a symbol of culture for over 3000 years in the wider Mediterranean area. Until today, the economy and trade of the region relies heavily on this tree and its derivatives (olive oil, timber, etc.).
 Olive trees are perennial and thus protected and treated accordingly. In order to continue to be productive, they must be pruned regularly. The resulting timber is almost impossible to process for industrial timber, and therefore mostly ends up as firewood. But when nature creates, the result is unique.
 We created the Riza Zoe brand after we reconnected the fruit to the tree that produced it. We put the fruit into the wood that gave birth to it.

Our goal was to highlight this natural work of art through reconstruction. Led by Anastasios Tasiopoulos, an environmental engineer with a keen environmental sense, our team recognised the rebirth of the story of each piece of wood. Instead of burning them, we collected them with great care and love for this wood and designed innovative packaging to accommodate the products of the Greek land. For the first time in the food industry, the visualization of the content through wooden packaging was made possible.

Our Prospects: Our goal is for Greek products to reach every corner of earth. We have both the inspiration and the way to do it. New designs, innovative ideas and a wide range of applications is the recipe to highlight the wealth we have in our hands. Manufacturing / Facilities: We ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Thus, the raw material, manufacturing methods and area of production meet ISO9001 standards.

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