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Aleta Organic

Aleta Organic

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Beyond Organic Farming!

Our products go beyond the organic farming and are also certified single estate. Our groves fully rely on natural and physical substances for biologically based farming methods possible. We believe it is the right thing to do for our customers, leading to improved water quality, conservation of energy, & increased biodiversity.

This Organic PDO olive oil is of high phenolic content and milled within hours of harvesting.

Acidity and other inimical qualities are at near zero values due to special organic cultivation, selection, and extraction processes.

Aleta Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed within hours of harvesting from the olives cultivated in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of southern Crete in the Messara valley, right where it is grown. We are in the heart of Crete. Our village is called Tympaki and located at the west edge of the valley, well known for its olive groves and production. The people that live here are know for growing olives all the way back to Minoan times!

The uniqueness of Aleta single origin olive oil is mainly attributed to the koroneiki variety of olives and its plethoric characteristics (aroma, color, organoleptic scores) found on the island of Crete. Part of a fully integrated Having full control of the entire production process from harvesting, pressing, storage and standardization.

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