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Argolio is part of an innovative brand based on the expertise of the company’s founders,pharmacist Kontovrakis Michail and Konstantinos and his mother economist Vlachogianni Dimitra under the supervision of the father Kontovrakis Nikolaos.

Manaki olive oil has its noble origins in the heart of Argolis, a region east of the Peloponnese in Greece.

The olives used for the making of this olive oil are rich, green and fruity, typical of an early harvest.

Its aromatic complexity is high with hints of citrus, flowers, herbs and tomato leaves.

Slightly bitter and pungent, its taste is pleasant and unctuous. Its distinguished sweetness, rich taste and smooth texture provide excellent flavor in cooking.

This rich and perfectly balanced Greek olive oil can be used cold and in cooking, while bringing color to your plate! It is an ideal accompaniment to fresh salads, grilled vegetables, fish, chicken, with bread or with fresh vegetables!

This variety also ripens slowly, and the best time to harvest is from  end of September till beginning of January. The fruit has average dimensions with an oval shape.

The taste of olive oil that comes from this fruits is softer. Extremely tasteful is the best choice for salads and has fanatic friends. Manaki is the basic variety of northeastern Peloponnese.


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