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Chris & Olive AOP Kalamata

Chris & Olive AOP Kalamata

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Our green fruity olive oil is the result of expertise acquired and inherited from nature itself. This olive oil is extracted from our first harvest, at a secret moment in time, after the autumn has showered our olive trees with a precise number of rains. When our olives have reached the ideal appearance and texture, shaped by the rising sap.

The numerous medals it gathers from all corners of the globe all reward its astonishing mildness. The green fruity olive oil from Chris & Olive surprises not with one or several dominant attributes, but with a perfect balance of fruitiness, spiciness, and bitterness that gives it its lightness. Freshly cut wild herbs, chicory, arugula, and green pepper... Through its vegetal notes, our olive oil not only respects the flavors of a food or a dish, but above all, it elevates them like no other.

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