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Chris & Olive The Blend

Chris & Olive The Blend

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The Artisan Olive Oil par excellence A true original creation, this olive oil is the epitome of artisanal olive oil. Constantly reinvented, each year brings a different blend. The Blend is the result of the unique combination of two Greek olive varieties, the iconic Koroneiki and Manaki, and, since the 2022 harvest, a third variety of Andalusian origin: Picual.

Chris & Olive extracts each oil separately at the mill before blending them in perfect proportions, long coveted and now held secret and adjusted to perfection by Olivier, our producer. To develop this experimental olive oil, its creator collaborated with Jean Sulpice, a Michelin 2-star Chef. Through the creation of this custom-made oil for his dear friend to whom he owes much, Olivier discovered the unexpected pleasure of adventure and his passion for exploration that arose later in life. It is a beautiful and subtle allegory of his own story...

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