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Centumbrie CM- DOP Umbria Colli Del Trasimeno

Centumbrie CM- DOP Umbria Colli Del Trasimeno

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We are ethically aware and socially responsible for the importance of our company choices. Inenuinity and sustainability are two of the main values we strongly believe in, as a company and as human beings. Their achievement is a path that we follow with great enthusiasm. Today's innovation is the tradition of tomorrow.


About CM SRL

Centumbrie is the story of two Umbrian families, ancient as the land, its people and its civilization. We are dedicated to producing olives and olive oil as well as breeding animals and faring other agricultural goods.

34 OLIVE TREES THE SMALLEST DOP IN ITALY A mini production of CM DOP olive oil linked to a small and precious olive grove located on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. Not just near the lake, as in most cases, but directly touched by it. A small beach with a corridor of only 34 olive trees, approximately 40 years old. Only 78 bottles of 500 ml for a genuine representation of the territory.

Food and wine pairings.

Bruschetta, hearty pasta dishes, red meats, game, legume soups, vegetables, grilled dishes, stuffed vegetables, structured white wines, important red wines.

Size: 500 ml

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