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EnaEna Olive Oil

EnaEna Olive Oil

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Within 12 hours of harvesting, olives are transferred to the oil mill for same-day processing. Our extra virgin olive oils are “cold-pressed”,  meaning they are extracted in low temperatures, ensuring they retain all the beneficial properties and antioxidants that are found in abundance only in extra virgin olive oil.

Oil extraction starts with the separation of the olives from the leaves, by washing them with clean water. After that, olives are crushed and placed to a freshly washed mixer for only 40 minutes, in a temperature of no more than 23ᵒC. The produced paste from mixing then enters the centrifugal decanter, in which the oil, water, and solids are separated and olive oil is extracted. It is then immediately placed in stainless steel tanks, with automatically controlled storage temperature of 16ᵒC.


Before our extra virgin olive oils are bottled, they are filtered to remove any natural sediment that occurs during the product’s settling period in the tanks. All our extra virgin olive oils are bottled within weeks of harvesting.

During bottling and packaging, we apply ISO procedures and strict safety measures at all stages of the process, according to national and international standards, which guarantee that superior quality is maintained throughout their life cycle.
Our extra virgin olive oils are packaged and sealed in dark-shaded or painted bottles, in order to protect them from the harmful effects of light and oxygen and keep their distinct aromas, unique flavors and beneficial properties unaltered.

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