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Evolia Olive Oil

Evolia Olive Oil

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The polyphenolic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) Evolia is a single variety of organic olive oil. In 2021 it was awarded a GOLD medal at Olympia Health & amp; Nutrition Awards , as it belongs to the golden category of health-protecting olive oils (with total phenols & gt; 1000 mg / kg). 2012 of the EU The substances oleocanthal and oleasin have significant biological activity and they have been attributed anti-inflammatory , antioxidant , cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties (certified by the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of natural products of the Athens School of Pharmacy). from the analyzed sample provides more than 5 mg of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol derivatives. This olive oil as "olive juice" , is a functional food that reaches the limits of the drug , as it has a positive effect on human health by protecting it from various diseases and acting preventive mainly in oxidative stress and in various forms of cancer (breast-prostate-intestinal-liver-melanoma) , due to its antigenogenic action (OC oleander). To receive all the benefits of , it is recommended the daily morning consumption of this polyphenolic olive oil in an amount equal to 1 teaspoon , preferably fasting. More about the health benefits it offers you will find at: "

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