Histories Charilaos Gounaras

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The family wanted to share the passion of being involved in olive growing with even more people as well as to share the secrets of the good life while enjoying the extra virgin olive oil. Because every person on earth writes their own history and as Greek olive oil is intertwined with ancient Greek history and mythology, the idea was born to name the company 8:26 histories. The name refers to the series of books Histories of Herodotus, which today is considered the fundamental basis of history in Western civilization. Among other things, Herodotus in his 8th book in chapter 26 refers to the crown from an olive branch as the prize of the winner of the Olympic Games. It is the first reference to the olive tree in the historical references of Herodotus. The name highlights the historicity of the olive tree and the fact that the olive tree and its derivatives were known and had an important value in the life of the ancient Greeks.