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Mani Organic

Mani Organic

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Mani Organic

Organic extra virgin olive oil

MANI is the pioneer of organic olive oil in Greece. The main factors for producing high quality olive oil are the environment (the soil, the climate) and the olive tree variety. The Mani region in Greece offers ideal growing conditions, well established varieties which together with century-old olive-growing technical skills result in what is referred to as “green gold”.

MANI olive oil comes from the Koroneiki olive, harvested by hand and exclusively cold extracted to achieve the highest quality. Only the best olive oils from small family farms who cultivate their olive groves traditionally and organically are selected to be part of the Mai brand.

MANI extra virgin olive oil delivers fresh, mildly fruity aromas of almond, artichoke and wild herbs. Kalamata P.D.O. Extra virgin olive oil is a Protected Designation of Origin product from the region of Kalamata. Its fresh, mildly fruity aroma of herbs and wild flowers with slightly spicy finishing promises maximum enjoyment.
MANI also has a range of mild, fruity olive oils infused with fresh organic lemons, oranges or ginger; fabulous combinations of freshness and flavour.
MANI olive oils can be used in both cold/raw dishes and in cooked recipes adding an extra touch of harmony to salad dressings, pasta and sauces. Treat yourself to these gifts of the Mediterranean!

MANI olive oils are regularly awarded best in class in international food competitions. Most oils are Naturland Fair certified.

Taste with added value
Olive oil tastes good and is good for you. MANI extra virgin olive oils contain high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In contrast to seed oils and animal fats, olive oil has been shown to assist in the reduction of cholesterol levels. In addition, MANI extra virgin olive oil is rich in phytochemicals such as vitamin E and polyphenols; antioxidants which contribute to cell health and which have anti-inflammatory properties

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