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Manni Oil

Manni Oil

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Manni oils are produced with a unique methodology called live oil. With his technique, Manni has revolutionized traditional EVOO production, making oil so rich in antioxidants that it maintains its extra virgin properties for almost three years. There are three different bottled oils from the Manni harvest: Per Me, a complex organic oil with a strong flavor; Per Mio Figlio, organic oil with a lighter taste; and The Oil of Life, a mild organic oil with complexity and elegance.



About Manni Oil

Inspired by the birth of his son Lorenzo in 1997, Armando Manni set out to create the perfect organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with the scientific support of the University of Florence. In 2001, he successfully launched the global luxury brand, Manni, which was promptly recognized by world-renowned chefs and food writers. Olivastra Seggianese is the pinot noir of olives and is grown on the western slopes of Mount Amiata, facing the vineyards of Montalcino, in southern Tuscany.
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