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Palekastro Sitia 03 PDO

Palekastro Sitia 03 PDO

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    • Extra virgin olive oil from Chondrolia tree

      Cretan Chondrolia

      Chondrolia, one of the oldest varieties in the Mediterranean, is cultivated for both its exquisite olive oil and table olives. With an impressive height range of 5-10 meters, the trees bear fruits with an exceptional oil content of 28%. As the Chondrolia olives ripen on the branches, they naturally shed some moisture and reduce the presence of oleuropein—a compound responsible for the characteristic bitterness in olives. However, this remarkable variety has specific needs; it requires ample moisture and nutrients to flourish. During dry periods, it may not produce fruits, making it sensitive to the availability of water and nutrients.

      The experience of trying Akalli premium extra virgin olive oil it will awaken your senses with the delightful fragrances of freshly cut herbs, ripe green tomatoes, vibrant peppers, crisp almonds, and the invigorating essence of green grass. This remarkable blend of flavors harmoniously complements a variety of dishes, including refreshing green salads and chilled appetizers. It also enhances the taste of succulent red meats, while offering endless possibilities for crafting extraordinary marinades.

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