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Quattrociocchi Classico

Quattrociocchi Classico

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Profilo Sensoriale (Sensory Profile) To the eye, it has a beautiful intense golden yellow color with delicate green nuances, clear. On the nose, it is assertive and enveloping, with notes of medium-ripe tomato, celery, and black pepper, complemented by broad vegetal aromas of artichoke, lettuce, and chicory. In the mouth, it is elegant, with prominent herbal tones of mint, basil, and sage. The bitterness and spiciness are well balanced.

In Cucina (In the Kitchen) It is a perfect accompaniment for legume appetizers, chickpea salads, marinated amberjack, baked potatoes, barley soups, vegetable couscous, shellfish in stew, gratinated mollusks, oven-baked poultry or lamb meats, and goat cheeses.

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