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Quattrociocchi Superbo

Quattrociocchi Superbo

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Profilo Sensoriale (Sensory Profile) To the eye, it has a beautiful clear green color with warm golden reflections. On the nose, it is assertive and enveloping, with a medium-intensity fruity aroma of green olives. Scents of freshly cut grass and olive leaves are accompanied by elegant vegetal notes of wild thistle, artichoke, bitter almond, and lettuce. It is robust and rich in herbal flavors, with a well-balanced and potent bitterness and spiciness.

In Cucina (In the Kitchen) Ideal for porcini mushroom appetizers, bruschetta with tomatoes, tuna salads, marinated octopus, bean soups, grilled swordfish, grilled red or black meats, and aged cheeses.

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