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Quinta Do Javali

Quinta Do Javali

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Extra virgin olive oil produced from cold pressing olives harvested by hand from the characteristic varieties of the Douro region at Quinta do Javali. After harvesting, the olives are placed in designated containers, transported to the cleaning and sorting area, and then the oil extraction takes place. The entire process, from harvest to extraction, is completed within 24 hours, ensuring a high-quality olive oil. After extraction, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks until it is bottled.

Tasting notes:

Quinta do Javali Technical File Fruity olive oil with green sensations, grass, olive leaf, and green almond peel. On the palate, you will find flavors of nuts and dried fruits, with a hint of spiciness and bitterness. Persistent.

Physico-chemical analysis:

Acidity (% oleic acid): 0.1% Waxes: 42.8 Peroxide index (meq O2/kg): 6.4

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