Discover how Agrimaggiore, the renowned olive oil brand, was highlighted during its participation at Gulfood 2023 in Dubai and how the Dubai Olive Oil Competition and Best Olive Oils Store showcase the excellence of this brand.


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Agrimaggiore is a family-run organic farm, owned by the Dibenedetto family.
 It is born in 1980, in the countryside of Barletta in Puglia with grandfather Francesco and his sons Emanuele and Michele, from small portions of land intended for the production of table grapes and oil olives.
 Resourcefulness, passion, sacrifice and skill in trade bring well-being to our company that is specialized in the production and marketing of fruit intended for fresh consumption.
Over the years, the company incorporates young forces and minds from the third generation of the Dibenedetto family, ready to support their company with the same desire of their parents Emanuele and Michele and grandfather Francesco.
 The sons Francesco, Michele, Ruggiero and the younger Francesco bring progress even if not forgetting respect and sustainability for the environment. In 2013 the conversion to a biological regime took place, a great change that benefited from the collaboration between the experience of the seniors and the revolutionary thoughts of the youngest, all united by a single common thread: passion. Today the company has about 70 hectares of organic properties. From November 2021, the company produces four different lines of Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  Monocultivar Coratina
 - Milling in “November”
 - Milling in “December”
 Monocultivar Peranzana
 Blend
 These satisfactions make clear how much the whole team cares about their work.
 Thanks to every single element of the Team/Family and under the expert eye of the technicians, the company fully controls the supply chain of its products.
The company's goal is to offer a healthy and quality product.
To achieve these results you have to necessarily follow the supply chain step by step, putting passion and responsibility into it every day.