It is the portal for 100% natural organic products, aimed at the most demanding palates. Our desire is the search for the best as well as the excellent treatment that we offer to our clients. We promote the philosophy of respect for the environment, marketing only products treated in a biodynamic and/or ecological way , without preservatives or external and abrasive additives. We want consumers to enjoy in the healthiest way with natural and unique flavors.

At Anita's Biodespensa we are also committed to new technologies and dissemination. That is why we echo on our website, social networks and newsletter the benefits and certifications of the products that we include in our catalog, as well as the healthy lifestyle in which we believe. We reach homes and stores throughout the peninsula, with a minimum order and no shipping costs.

Ideal for your toasts and salads

100% natural juice. Intense green fruity, with herbaceous aromas of artichoke, tomato and artichoke. Balanced on the palate, with bitterness and slight spiciness that leave a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

 A great quantity of superior oil obtained from olives picked by hand, harvested early and milled the same day of harvest. 1st press EVOO, cold extraction and gentle filtering.

 It contains polyphenols that prevent fats from oxidizing in the bloodstream and clogging the vessels. This oil is the healthiest and most beneficial bet for health, the basis of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET.

At the tables of the most authentic homes and CHEFS, who, combining it with only the highest-quality products, obtain unique flavors for the most exclusive and demanding palates.

We are committed to a healthy and sustainable consumption with the environment

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 The process for obtaining oil from olives harvested on the 'De Anitas' estate is as follows: the agricultural technician advises the management on everything that is required and organizes the crew for the time of harvesting or milking the olive trees by hand. This work, also known as macaco, will be carried out after receiving the appropriate analyzes with which to assess the required maturation indices and fat yield, to obtain the characteristic 'De Anita' oil. Once the harvest is finished, the olives are transferred and deposited in the oil mill in less than 8 hours from their collection. Within a few hours and after destemming and washing the olives, they will be ground by mechanical means and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be obtained from the Picual variety and organic from 1st press with the 'De Anita' brand . After decanting the oil, the green gold obtained will be analyzed and bottling will take place.

Chosen Harvest
The management of the 'De Anita' advisory team proposes, in order to increase the company's olive production, that olives of the picual variety be purchased from certified organic farming plantations. It is about making a selection of fields with olive trees, with the aforementioned characteristics, so that, complying with the same requirements with which the 2020/21 harvest was obtained, the organic EVOO 'De Anita' of supreme quality, homegrown, could be launch, with the same brand, another production that we would call Chosen Harvest.
>> Same process, same quality, same sensations


After each harvest obtained, and once the grinding in the oil mill is finished, the oil is refined and a tasting is carried out by an expert. Julio Forcada is the master of the Basilippo oil mill and an experienced taster of virgin olive oil. He also comes from Priego de Córdoba, an Andalusian town of reference in terms of quality olive oil, always within what is called Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). 

Master Forcada, from the careful Almazara Basilippo (El Viso del Alcor, Seville), begins his task of tasting De Anita's own harvest oil. Once he fills in the form, where he writes down the different phases of the sensory tasting (olfactory, gustatory, retronasal or aftertaste...) he gives us a certificate of his sensations about De Anita oil.

“Green fruity. On the nose, slight herbal hints. Memories of artichoke, artichoke and aromatic plants such as thyme and oregano predominate. Slight hints of tomatoes. Fruity of green olives, there are no nuances reminiscent of other fruits. Mouth: balanced. Very sweet entry, appearing a light bitterness and a spiciness that increases. It leaves the mouth very fresh and a certain astringency that fades quickly .Aftertaste: persistent, corroborating the memories of artichoke and aromatics on the nose and with a finish of alloza or green almond.” Julio Forcada Siles – Expert in tasting Virgin Olive Oil


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