Verdeliss10 is born in Jaén in the area of ​​Peal del calf, from olive groves whose land is covered with vegetation, attracting a great biodiversity of plants, insects and birds, this gives the olive trees greater oxygenation, providing extraordinary characteristics to our Picual and Royal varieties. .
The olives are selected at the optimum time to be able to harvest them between the end of September and the beginning of October, there is an early harvest that gives less yield but higher quality with an intense green color.
Harvesting is done manually to damage the fruit as little as possible. Once in the micromill, our Picual and Royal varieties are cold pressed and filtered through cellulose filters, maintaining all the aromas and properties (our 10 means the kilos of olives that we press to be able to make a liter of green oil).
This makes our Verdeliss10 extra virgin olive oil of high gustatory/aromatic quality and high concentration of polyphenols.

Micro-almazara specialized in elaborating EVOO of the Picual and Royal varieties with PREMIUM quality

All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are early harvested and cold extracted.

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