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Askra the Valley of Muses

Askra the Valley of Muses

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ASKRA The Valley of Muses is a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Lymperis Estate. It is produced exclusively from the prime olive variety Megaritiki, cultivated in the region of Boeotia, Central Greece.Obtained directly from healthy and ripe,hand-picked olives and solely by mechanical means, Askra extra virgin olive oil offers full-bodied flavor, fruity taste and pleasant aftertaste. The hand-picked olives are cold pressed within hours of harvesting so as to preserve all taste and valuable nutrients of the olive fruit. The nameASKRA The Valley of Muses, derives from the Greek word Ascra. Ascra was a town in Ancient Boeotia, best known today as the homeland of the poet Hesiod.The Valley of Museswas a sacred forest near to Ancient Ascra. It was considered a place of inspiration where the arts were blooming.In ancient Greek culture the Nine Muses were known for being influential goddesses of literature and arts, such as poetry, lyric song, and myth. BRING THE MEDITERRANEAN TO YOUR TABLEAdd a fine, Mediterranean tone to your favourite dishes and make even a simple dish taste delicious with ASKRA Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Made from the indigenous Greek olive variety Megaritiki, ASKRA is an all-purpose, everyday extra virgin olive oil, ideal for your every need, from frying to cooking and baking.

Our superior quality EVOO is made solely from megaritiki olives selectively handpicked in Viotia, with cold extraction and no chemical means used to extract their finest juices. With the utmost care and the highest respect to our traditional values and the miracles of the Greek nature itself, we secure the excellent quality of our olive oil from the harvesting of the olives until its consumption. Combining the traditional farming methods with all the recent scientific knowledge, we produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil “ASKRA The Valley of Muses”.

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