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Cultivar: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, S. Felice, Other.
Color: Green with gold highlights.
Smell: medium fruity, hints of artichoke, rocket, aromatic herbs, basil, hints of unripe tomato.
Taste: soft and harmonious, bitter and spicy present and balanced.
Collection period: October – beginnig of November.
Collection system: hand-burned and with mechanical facilitators.
Crushing method: continuous cycle implant with simultaneous parallel double-breaker, the only system in Umbria to shape a balanced oil in spicy and fruity bitterness.
Conservation method: keep product in a cool place away from light sources and heat recommended storage temperature 15-18 ° C constant.
Pairings: artichoke appetizers, salmon carpaccio, perch salad, baked potatoes, barley soups, vegetable cus cus, stewed crustaceans, roasted turbot, baked rabbit, grilled poultry, goat cheeses.

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