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Kala & Mata Antonis’ Organic

Kala & Mata Antonis’ Organic

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The Process:

Koroneiki olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed, within 4 hours of having come off the tree.

The oil is then filtered multiple times using different filters to remove sediment and excess moisture. This also helps to prolong shelf-life and flavour.

Finally, when the oil is bottled, each bottle is topped off with inert gas to retain maximum freshness. For export purposes this product is delivered in chilled containers.


About Us

Kala & Mata was founded by a 5th generation descendant of olive farmers. Having spent his summers in olive groves he grew up with aspirations to not only share his family’s labour of love but to also evolve their tradition to better reflect advances made in the industry.

In 2020 the founder of K&M became a certified Olive Oil Sommelier and since then, our primary focus has shifted to not only producing high-quality EVOO but to also do so in the most sustainable and environmentally conscious way possible.

We are constantly exploring new methods of olive farming, milling and pressing for well-rounded, low acidity Extra-virgin olive oil, while prioritising the environment.

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