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Latini is a brand defined with entire identity, using its historical story, through the design on the bottle. Evoking this story by designing a label resembling a chequered shirt, „dressing up“ the bottle of olive oil seems as a sort of portrait of our grandpa. Text on a card tucked into the label's „shirt pocket“ tells the story of Latini family behind the product. At the end of the 19th century, Tone, the ancestor of the owner of the Latini brand of premium olive oil, occasionally worked as a farmer with the Istrian Italians, who were then called Latini. Once he received a plaid shirt as a daily allowance, then a rarity, so the locals called him ‘Latini’. That remained as the family nickname until today and was chosen as the name of the brand. It is because of this story that they dressed a bottle of olive oil in a checkered pattern with a pocket containing a piece of paper with the centuries-old family story. In a way, the design made the bottle a portrait of his beloved ancestor.

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