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Masmana Olive Oil brand, with its early harvest olive oil produced from Kilis Yağlık olive variety. Please visit, If you want to access early harvest high polyphenol olive oil, you can contact us. Kilis Yağlık Olive Variety does not a common type in Turkey. This type of olive is no other place in Turkey. It's a species that belongs to our region. This is biggest advantage of us. We are only working Kilis Yağlık Variety. The bitterness and burning of this olive type is high. please consider the taste of dark chocolate (Bitter chocolate). WHY MASMANA HIGH POLYFENOL OLIVE OIL High Phenolic Olive Oils are those Olive Oils that contain a high percentage of phenolic compounds, called polyphenols which are directly related to the health benefits of olive oil. MASMANA High Phenolic Olive Oil, Naturally Contributes To; - Regulation of Cholesterol & Blood Pressure - Strengthening of the Immune System - Protection against Cardiovascular Diseases - Improvement of Allergy Symptoms - Control of Blood Sugar Levels - Sensitive Digestive Tract Protection - Reduction & Treatment of Inflammation - Protection of the Neural System SINGLE ORIGIN Grown, blended and harvested exclusively from a single family-owned estate in Kilis province of Turkey from Kilis Yaglik olive cultivars. These organic olives produce the highest quality and flavorful olive oils for consistency and quality bottle to bottle. COLD-PRESSED for PERFECTION Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a well-balanced, intense and fruity extra virgin olive oil with hints of freshly cut grass, fresh olive leaves and a bright peppery finish. 100% PURE – NATURAL Sourced exclusively produced with sustainable respect for the environment. Masmana High Polyphenol Olive Oil has no preservatives, artificial ingredients, additives, chemicals, and pesticides. Never sprayed with glycophosphate. PERFECT BALANCE of ACIDITY Having a low acid level is one of the primary properties of a good olive oil. For natural extra virgin olive oils, the acid level can be 0.8% at most. The acid level of all our olive oils is between 0.2% - 0.3%

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