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Podere il Montaleo

Podere il Montaleo

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Podere il Montaleo is our first blend from 2009 and is still produced on our farm. It is a blend of all our cultivars (Moraiolo, Frantoio, Maurino, Leccino, Pendolino) with a fresh and balanced flavor. Semi-sweet fragrance, with clear notes of artichoke, cut grass and almond. It carries pleasant hints of green tomato and olive pulp. It is harmonious and bold. It has a very fresh and balanced taste, rich and enveloping and is very delicate compared to other Tuscan oils.



About Podere il Montaleo

In 1846, the Podere il Montaleo estate was purchased by our ancestors. Since then, it has expanded to about 30 hectares. In 2019, we inaugurated our new building: a modern mill, bottling plant, storage facility, office and workshop. The entire production process, from the harvest to the packaging, takes place on our farm. This way, we can truly speak of a circular chain that starts from the work in the fields and ends with transforming the fruit into extra virgin olive oil.

Origins... 1846 - My grandfather Antonio Morelli described the purchase of the property to his son as follows: "...I bought it for 100 scudi, to be paid after a year, 4 sacks in Montaleo. This can be considered the Eden of Casale."

2009 - After over 160 years, Cesare Diddi Mussi, at the age of 19, having completed his higher education, moved to the family's countryside residence, specializing in the production of extra virgin olive oil. From the original four sacks, today we have three hectares of land.


The mill 2019 - After the completion of construction work, a new adventure begins:

"This is the dream I've had since I opened the agricultural company. It is what will allow me to create something from start to finish, without the work of others altering or modifying my product. It is what will truly help me understand where I need to improve because from that moment on, the final result will depend solely on my work."

Cesare Diddi Mussi


Gli olivi

Gli olivi presenti in azienda sono circa 6000. Esposti al sole dall'alba al tramonto, nella migliore terra toscana: un suolo composto da argille rosse e sabbie con sedimenti marini del pliocene ad una altitudine di circa 200m slm.

Le cultivar presenti sono otto delle quali sette tra le più tipiche toscane: Moraiolo, Lazzero, Frantoio, Maurino, Leccio del Corno, Leccino e Pendolino. Ed una: Tonda Iblea, originaria dei monti Iblei siciliani.

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