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Salvation Olive Oil

Salvation Olive Oil

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Salvation Olive Oil – One of the newest Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil brands

Salvation Olive Oil is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil brand, of protected geographical indication (PGI). With a balanced flavor and great nutritional value, it makes an invaluable staple in everyone’s daily diet. Produced in Laconia (Lakonia) in the area of Monemvasia in Greece, by the Apostolakis family, it reflects the family’s 6 generation-long relationship with olive trees and olive oil production.

Salvation extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from the Myrtoelia variety and inextricably combines century-old traditions with the most modern olive tree cultivation and olive oil production methods. After a period of “rest” in a stainless-steel tank for at least two months, the end product is this very fragrant and delicious extra virgin olive oil, one of the well-preserved treasures of Laconia.

Cold pressed, early harvest olive oil

Salvation Olive Oil is an early harvest, cold pressed olive oil with very low acidity and clear aromatic expression. A key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, Salvation extra virgin olive oil is not only highly nutritious but also impresses even the most demanding palates with its unparalleled flavor.

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