Best Olive Oils Greece

Olive oil, the 'golden liquid' as Homer described it, has played a major role in Greek history, tradition and gastronomy for centuries, and is still an essential part of the Greek culinary style.

According to the historians, the Greeks were the first cultivators of olive trees in the European Mediterranean region.

Olive oils are being produced throughout many regions of Greece, including the Peloponnese and the island of Crete, the island of Levos, etc.

Although the most widely planted variety is the Koroneiki, other cultivars such as Manaki, Hondrolia and Athinolia also produce premium olive oil.

Each of these different varieties of Greek olives has its own taste and texture to the point that even experts can't make generalizations about their flavors because they are so distinct from one another.

Greek olive oils are very healthy as they possess low acidity, with low/or no cholesterol and are very rich in vitamins.

All these exceptional characteristics are the result of a careful farming and nurturing at all phases of olive cultivation and processing.