Best Olive Oils Tunisia

Tunisia has gained recognition over the years for its premium olive oils to the point that it has become one of the biggest producers of olive oil in the world .

The cultivation of olive trees in Tunisia dates back to the 8th century and, even today, olive oil is still a fundamental element of the Tunisian cuisine.

The olive trees in Tunisia are mainly cultivated in a traditional way, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which allows to preserve the biologic nature of olive oils.

Tunisia is taking significant measures to restructure and modernize the production of olive oil, as well as to enhance its quality.

The Tunisian olive groves are characterized by a remarkable richness of varieties.

There are numerous olive cultivars in Tunisia such as Oueslati, Zalmati, Zarrazi, but the two most popular are Chetoui and Chemlali.

Tunisia has definitely progressed in the olive oil sector, and consumers around the world are becoming very demanding for its high-quality products.