Best Olive Oils Italy

 Italians have cherished olive oil and today Italy is considered the second largest producer of olive oil in Europe and in the world.

With its stunning scenery and its traditional agricultural methods, olive groves are spread throughout the country. Italy has more than 400 different olive varieties, each with its own unique flavor and features.For example, there are: Casaliva, Leccino, Asprinia, Coratina, Moraiolo, etc. which makes Italian olive oils very special and challenging to single out for a specific flavor.

Olive groves and vineyards as well are at the core of agritourism in Italy, attracting millions of tourists and foreigners.

The Italian cuisine uses a lot of olive oil, which is an essential ingredient in all dishes, from seafood to pasta to salads .So , in order to make authentic Italian recipes at your home, it is absolutely crucial to use a high-quality Italian olive oil to get the best results.

Italy possesses many excellent olive oil producers, and the quality of its oils is recognized at international competitions.